GOYA Ministry (Greek Orthodox Youth of America)


The Greek Orthodox Youth of America, or GOYA, ministers to young people ages 13-18. Teenagers should be in sixth/seventh through twelfth grades to participate, depending on the how junior high/middle school is structured within your area. It is recommended that GOYA ministry be divided into two distinct groups, the middle school GOYA ministry and the high school GOYA ministry. Since GOYA is ministry of the church, the orientation and implementation of the program should reflect the Orthodox Christian Faith, Tradition and Life. Want to learn more about creating a GOYA Ministry? Download our GOYA Guidelines or order a print copy at Orthodox Marketplace.


Morality Classes 

Due to Junior and Senior unavailability this spring the 2018 Morality Seminar is being moved to either October 20 or 27. Irene Zalants is coordinating with parents of next year’s juniors and seniors to find a date that best fits all. Please reach out to her asap.