Our mission is to help human suffering, wherever the need arises and minister to those impoverished materially, emotionally and spiritually.

        Our meetings are held on the 1st Thursday of the month in the Athenagoras Room in the church hall at 10:00 am with the exception of June, July, August, October & December.  The August and October meetings are held in the evening at church.  We do not meet during June & July. In December we have a Christmas Luncheon we enjoy at Moraine Country Club.

        Whether or not you are able to attend our meetings, we welcome your help whenever possible.  We use email to communicate to our members our upcoming events, help needed and meeting information.  Dues are $30 per year, collected in January. 


Save the Date

November 17, 1 p.m., Philoptochos will host Church
Women United of Dayton for “World Community Day.”

October Community Care Ministry

The CCM for October is Noble Circle.
It is committed to creating an intimate
and caring community of women
thriving beyond cancer by bring hope,
inspiration, empowerment and wellbeing
through programs focusing on nutritional education,
complementary energy techniques and peer support. Chairperson: Sue Bacas


News from the Philoptochos Convention

Archbishop Demetrious lovingly calls us “an army of
women!” More than 400 chapters with a membership of
over 25,000 women and associate members of men
throughout the U.S. have raised and donated $887,355.00.
This is in addition to over 750,000 meals served to the
needy and countless coats, shoes, school supplies etc.
These are totals recorded for the period of May 2017 to
July 2019.
You also can be part of this team by joining our Dayton
Chapter. There are many diff erent ways to off er your support.
A wealth of useful information is available at the National
Philoptochos website. Much work has been done to
identify reliable resources to help important issues. Online,
go to: National Philoptochos Society, then click on About
Us, click on Ministry & Outreach, and fi nally click on
Educational Initiatives.
You will fi nd programs such as “Be Smart Be Safe”
(scammers, internet predators, identity theft and social
media misuse), “Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia”
(awareness, understanding, support & care), “Inclusion
Ministry” (helping special needs children be part of our
services), “Stop Bullying in Your Community”, and
“Women’s Health Initiative.

Congratulations Michelle Zois!

At the Clergy-Laity Conference in Boston, our Michelle
Zois was recognized with a certifi cate of merit for her
outstanding contribution not only to Philoptochos, but to
our church community. Thank you Michelle for all you have
done and continue to do for Philoptochos and our church!
Also at the Conference our Philoptochos chapter
received an Award of Excellence for 100% commitment
participation in 2016-2017. This is a very special
achievement and our Philoptochos is a stronger leader.
Kudos to all our members.

Technology Addiction and Cyber-bullying 

We know you have heard a lot about it in the news, Philoptochos and AIF will be sponsoring a speaker on this very important and timely topic. Mark your calendars for Sunday, October 7 immediately following church for a presentation by Rick Mann. He will speak to high school freshmen and older. Parents and grandparents should also attend. A light lunch will be served and child care provided. Remember “What happens on the Internet stays on the Internet.” More details to follow. Any questions, please contact Cindy Keilholz


Baubles and Bags

Our first Baubles and Bags was so popular, we are planning another one on October 21. Since Spring is FINALLY here, now is the time to look over all your gently used purses and jewelry and set them aside for our sale. Please keep them until we have a set time and place to bring all your donations to our chairpersons to be priced!




Dues are $30 payable to Philoptochos. Suzanne Zonars-Hambrick, Membership Chair will gladly accept your payment. You can also give a gift of a 2017 Philoptochos membership to someone at our church. Please let Suzanne know and we will send a note to the recipient on your behalf. It’s a great way to introduce a younger church member to our great organization!



Contact Evonna Hurst (937-813-2201) if you need a ride to church or a Philoptochos meeting.  She will provide a list of members in your area who have volunteered to give rides.  



Seven members of our parish are currently receiving visits from the Visitation committee.  The visits bring enjoyment and a message of love and caring.  Let Evonna Hurst or Suzanne Zonars-Hambick know of parish members who would enjoy a visit. The committee goes to nursing homes, the VA and homes of shut-ins.  They need a member who can do visits in north Dayton. This is an important part of the Philoptochos mission.