Baptisms are scheduled by the parish priest.  Before a baptism can be scheduled the parents or parent seeking to baptize their child must meet with the parish priest for a pastoral consultation.  The purpose of this consultation is to ensure the parents or parent fully understand the nature of this Sacrament and their responsibilities towards their child and God for making their son or daughter a Christian.  If the parents don't come to Sunday Divine Liturgy regularly and they want to baptize their child the parish priest will expect them to start bringing their child regularly to church once he or she is baptized unless work forbids this. If the parents have baptized children in the past and wish to baptize another child but don’t come to Sunday Divine Liturgy on a regular basis the parish priest is going to want to know why.  This is done out of charity and love because as parents we will be judged by Christ for making a child a Christian and not raising them as one.  The parish priest truly cares for the salvation of parents as well as the salvation of children, and because of this, he wants what is spiritually best for families.  There is nothing more important than being in church on Sunday and the only legitimate excuses for missing Divine Liturgy are illness and work.  

It must be verified that the sponsor/ koumbaro/koumbara of the child to be baptized is a member/steward of Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church in good standing. If the sponsor is a member of another Orthodox Parish, they must present a letter of good standing signed by their parish priest.  To be in good standing the sponsor must be married properly in the Church.  A person who was married in a non-Orthodox service may not serve as a sponsor. Those cohabitating out of wedlock may not serve as a sponsor.  If a member of Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church they must be regularly coming to Divine Liturgy on Sunday to serve as a sponsor.  It is impossible for someone to sponsor a baptism when they are not living as a Christian, because, we can’t give what we don’t possess or live by.  

The Uniform Parish Regulations of our Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America confirm this in Article 18 Section 1: "The religious, moral and social duties of a parishioner are to apply the tenets of the Orthodox Faith to his/her life and to: adhere to and live according to the tenets of the Orthodox faith; faithfully attend the Divine Liturgy and other worship services; participate regularly in the holy sacraments; respect all ecclesiastical authority and all governing bodies of the Church; be obedient in matters of the Faith, practice and ecclesiastical order; contribute towards the progress of the Church's sacred mission; and be an effective witness and example of the Orthodox Faith and Traditions to all people. A parishioner in good standing practices all the religious and moral duties as described in this Section 1. At a minimum, a parishioner in good standing must: be eighteen years of age or over; be current in his or her stewardship and other financial obligations to the Parish, abide by all the regulations herein stated and the Parish Bylaws; and cooperate in every way towards the welfare and well being of the Parish. (Stewardship is recommended to be ten percent (10%) of one’s annual income as stated in Holy Scripture to help meet the financial obligations of the Parish, the Metropolis and the Archdiocese.)"  At Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church we recommend stewardship be 3% of an individual's or family's net yearly income.   

-There is a cantor fee of $75.00 for baptisms.

-Non-members (non-stewards) of Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church will pay a fee of $150.00 to book a baptism.  Only the parish priest can waive this fee.           

-The sponsor or parents will need to provide the following items:

1 white hand towel

1 white bath towel

1 white flat twin sheet

12 oz. bottle of olive oil

Baptismal candle for the child

Baptismal cross necklace for the child

Baptismal outfit for the child